#share „Was bleibt“ / Isabel Mohn

Isabel Mohn /

In the solo performance “Was bleibt”, Isabel Mohn looks into the phenomena of creation and transience. What do we create in the short time that is given to each of us in this world? What remains, something tangible, a memory? And does it also exist if nobody sees it? On the stage are ropes cables and what looks like the remnants of a home improvement project. In the midst of these objects full of potential and history, Isabel Mohn embarks on a search for what makes a moment unforgettable. With dance, language and objects, she asks herself and the audience big and small questions about being and not being, about becoming and passing. In doing so, she interweaves personal stories, fantasies and the shared here-and-now of the performance situation. The boundaries between reality and fiction become blurred.

Isabel Mohn works as a dancer, performer and choreographer. Born in Berlin, she lived in Montreal, Canada from 1995 to 2019. She studied contemporary dance and completed her training at the École de danse contemporaine in Montreal. Since 2001 she has published her own work at various venues, including: Tangente Montreal, Danse-Cité / Théâtre Prospero Montreal, Studio 303 Montreal, St-John's Contemporary Dance Festival, Schwankhalle Bremen. Her work moves at the intersection ​of dance, theater and performance. In her artistic practice and research, she searches for points where process, performance and real life meet. Depending on the project, her work takes the form of e.g. traditional stage formats, interventions in public space or (even before Corona) virtual events. Often times, these formats focus on manipulating objects and material as well as developing direct relationships with and between audience members.

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Isabel Mohn Artistic assistance Catherine Jodoin, Kai Evans Cooperation with Acker Stadt Palast in the framework of #share

The performance on 8 October at 8 pm is in English; all other performances are in German. The 6pm performances are limited to 10 audience members; at 8pm there are 25 seats each.


With the virtual project #share, Acker Stadt Palast is now offering groups and artists a framework to experiment artistically and at the same time to get in touch with their audience even without a live performance. The format is an experiment - for everyone involved.

Artists give insights into their work and rehearsal processes and share them online via Acker Stadt Palast's media channels. The audience, the users of Facebook and Instagram are cordially invited to post feedback and in this way are given the opportunity to act as co-directors and dramaturges in order to help shape active processes.

The corresponding excerpts are published in loose succession via social media, on the Acker Stadt Palast's homepage and youtube channel.

#share is a format from Acker Stadt Palast

By and with Roni Rotem, Keisuke Sugawara, Isabel Mohn, Ini Dill, Marina Cyrino, Telmo Branco, Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen and others.

Technique and video: Marcelo Schmittner and Nico.

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