extern location: Kiezkapelle Neuer St. Jacobi-Friedhof Hermannstra├če 99-105 12051, Berlin

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PINK YOU !!!, the secret event that combines music, contemporary art, leisure and gastronomy, comes to Berlin for the first time; created and curated by MXM, known for its immersive light and sound projects and multidisciplinary artistic event curations, in collaboration with Joaquim Bezerra.

The theme of the event is "Unconscious Vernissage", taking the selected audience into a sensory space of the arts and the mind.

Each event is unique, always in a different location and always in collaboration with new artists. The experience is the live performances and the participants are surprised by different artistic formats.

The number of participants is limited; registration is requested.

The art event will take place offline; it is not allowed to distribute photos or similar from the event, because the content of the show is considered confidential.

For more information on PINK YOU !!! and to register for the Berlin event:

Concept and curation MXM Artistic collaboration Joaquim Bezerra

Cultural support by Acker Stadt Palast