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Cartographies of Movement / Workshop and performance lecture

Luisa Barreto / Miro Wallner /

Language: English

The workshop, from 28 November to 1 December, conceived by cultural scientist and dramaturge Luisa Barreto together with performer Miro Wallner, is aimed at performance artists who are interested in the relationship between artistic expression and writing. Using different mind maps and diagrams as tools for artistic writing, the goal is to strengthen self-confidence by opening up the map of questions and demands that inspire the participants' creative and writing processes.

Moving through the different types of text (project, research, portfolio), as well as expanding or unfolding new projects, together we will delve into the translation zone between movement and speech. On 2.12 a performance lecture will be given by Luisa and Miro to open up the methods and elements used for artistic exchange to a wider audience.

By and with Luisa Barreto und Miro Wallne

Luisa Barreto is born in 1984 in São Paulo, Brazil, Luisa Barreto lives and works in Berlin as a dramaturge, translator and cultural scientist in the field of dance and performance. She holds a master's degree and a PhD in Communication and Semiotics from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, where she also worked as part-time assistant professor on the postgraduate course in somatic education „ Técnica Klauss Vianna“. She has also published several academic and journalistic articles and translated films for the São Paulo International Film Festival from German into Portuguese. The focus of her work is on writing projects and accompanying creative processes through workshops and individual artistic mentoring sessions. Her goal is to strengthen self-confidence and self-image in writing, developing strategies with artists for continuing their work.

Miro Wallner, born in 1985, is an established performing artist based in Berlin. His movement training feeds from various sources: Capoeira, Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, Floor Acrobatics, and the intensive practice of Get Physical Process – a movement practice created by Ricardo de Paula. Since 2013 he is part of Grupo Oito. Since 2018 he is using visual arts as part of his research process. Since 2021 he is applying art based research methods do deepen the understanding on transformative experiences and social political change. His research “Body, Movement and Metaphors – Multiple perceptions of reality”, carried out in the context of the Dis-Tanz-Solo 2021, uses conceptual metaphorical mapping as a tool for choreography development and elaboration its complexities.