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MATTER / Fernando Cabral

Fernando Cabral /

Performing intimacy.

Starting from the body as raw material to reclaim one's own intimate gestures and history; trying to free movements, figures and spectra that move through and inhabit us.

MATTER is a return to the body and its layers, to breathing and voice as a way to create the necessary conditions for the emergence of a gesture, that is at once sensory, political and spiritual; questioning violence, mainly the one done against historically marginalized people.

By mixing sensory immersions and a research on new personal healing rituals, the choreographer explores the memory of the body and his family, in order to encompass his questions and desires. A choreographic self-portrait as a tribute to his Brazilian grandmother; an intimate and political attempt to inscribe his body within a new postcolonial narrative.

Conception, Choreography, Performance Fernando Cabral Outside Eyes Lorena Dozio, Samara Cabral and Thomas Badinot Dramaturgy Assistance Thomas Badinot Music Criolo Original Composition Sylvain Ollivier Light Design Séverine Rième

Language English, French, Portuguese

Production Corpo Material Co-production and financial partners Micadanses - Paris, Institut Français – Résidences sur Mesure program, La Maison Forte – Agen, Espace Pasolini – Valenciennes Subsidies French Ministry of Culture – Drac Ile-de-France Support for residency Impulstanz Festival – Vienna, P.A.R.T.S – Brussels, Atelier de Paris – CDCN, La Chaufferie – Saint Denis, CND/Paris, Honolulu - Nantes