© Taejoon Park

HUG / Chumpan Yamoo

multiple artists

Hug is the fourth of the solo relay. In 2014, there was a tragic event in Korea, the Sewol Ferry Disaster. The ferry and 304 people, whose majority were students on a school trip, sank to the bottom of the sea. Hug started from the story of the one left alone after the tragedy.

He is wandering alone between reality and memory, fact and fiction. His feet are touching the ground of reality; his body and soul are floating in different time and space.

Chumpan Yamoo presented five solo works between 2013 and 2020, with a common theme of 'People living alone with nothing or nobody to lean on in this Korean society.' These five works were put together on one stage in 2021, under the title of Oh (number five in Korean). During this 5 hours and 30 minutes, each work remained individual, but together they formed a subtle splendor at the same time.

Choreographer, Dancer: Baesub Keum Music: Ohmbre Lighting: Yooseok Jung Dramaturge: Poongnyun Kim Video/Photo: Taejoon Park Producer: Adela Shin Production: Chumpan Yamoo

Chumpan Yamoo is a contemporary dance company based in Seoul, Korea. Since its foundation in 2009, it has focused on the relationship between humans. And ever since the premiere of As for Me in 2019, it has been keeping its own methodology of "separation as a creative concept," which aims to dismantle works by separation and to pursue creating works with blank spaces. It believes that the audience will have more freedom of imagination and interpretation right at the moment when the empty space appears.