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DEVOURER / Alica Minar & col.

Alica Minar /

English with German subtitles

A dance performance inspired by the principles of the clown figure and black hole theory.

One body, a bunch of black balls, a clear task, and countless greed. A dance performance inspired by the principles of the clown figure and black hole theory. DEVOURER exists only to have. In a determined effort to take everything for its own, it absorbs light, inhales space and materializes time. Its transformation manifests gradually. A body of greed caught in action. How can the "self" be maximized? Singularity. It's a hypothetical point. "I am a star, I shine like a supernova...or have I become a black hole?"

Choreography and interpretation Alica Minar Music Etienne Haan Light design Raquel Rosildete Dramaturgy Lenka Vořechovská Text Katarína Bakošová Set and costume design Claudia Besuch Costume collaboration Hana Brandejs, Sabryna Nitihardjo Choreographic assistance Evgenia Chetvertkova, Tereza Sikorová PR Kaerolína Vašíčková Production Alica Minar & col. z.s. & rawtrip GbR Production assistant Sarah Pletcher

Project partners Teatr ROZBARK, Bytom (PL), Moving Station, Plzeň (CZ), Záhrada, Banská Bystrica (SK), Tělocvičňa - Nová Cvernovka, Bratislava (SK), Marzahn studios, Berlin (DE), ELITE a.s., Varnsdorf (CZ), CO.LABS, Brno (CZ)

Financial support Czech-German Future Fund (CZ/DE), State Fund for Culture (CZ), Ministry of Culture (CZ), NEUSTART KULTUR, Hilfsprogramm DIS-TANZEN des Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (DE), Performing Arts Residency, Visegrad fund (SK/PL), Basel Stadt – Kulturpauschale (CH), PlaST.dance (SK)


Alica Minar & col. is an artistic collective founded in 2020 by Slovak choreographer and performer Alica Minar. Loud visuals in which narration and abstraction go hand in hand are typical of her work. Through bizarre situations, she intuitively searches for humour and poetry, while exploring and dissecting the neglected sides of burning societal issues together with the audience. Greed and "unlimited expansion" in DEVOURER, the relationship between people and water in PERMEANCE, human anger in EXPLOSION, being overwhelmed in WOBBLY or the rediscovery of the forest in WOODS WON'T VAPORIZE. Alica Minar works in a multidisciplinary way at the intersection of dance, object theatre, light, sound and text.

Alica Minar & col. functions primarily in the Czech Republic and Germany. In the Czech Republic, the collective has presented their work at the festivals Malá Inventura (2020 and 2021), Nultý bod (2021), BAZAAR (2021) and TEH Conference 93 (2022), and abroad at the Performing Arts Festival in Berlin (2020). This year, they will present for the first time at the Prague Quadrennial and for the second time at the Performing Arts Festival in Berlin.