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Decolonization Praxis and the Art of Talking Disability / dance performance

Anajara Laisa Amarante / Nara Rosseto /

in English with German, German, Portuguese and Spanish

What´s colonialism, and what does it have to do with me? What about the disabled people in our society? Are they heroes, are they victims? Where are they, what do they do? Can such questions be answered through dance? Curious? Do not miss Decolonization Praxis & the Art of Talking Disability - a dance piece challenging notions of entertainment, humor and celebrating diversity.

Who are the Latin American / Global South immigrants living in Europe? How does history repeat itself through new practices of colonization, how can we help Europeans to decolonize their minds? What about the disabled, the chronically ill? Do these artists have a chance here? Colonization, as some social movements in Latin America want to show, has never stopped - people still have an Eurocentric worldview. From my research, I will bring phrases that I will make available to the other dancer as well - phrases that are historical data, but which have an impact on the body memories of the artists. As for the music, it was produced after the choreographic score started being set - the body attacks the music score first, not the other way around. The music is researched based on the improvisations resulting from the physical response to the phrases such as: Physically demonstrate your opinion on the Bolsonaro attacks on the Indigenous peoples of the Amazon!

Choreography, Production, Performance Anajara L. Amarante Performance Nara Rosseto Video Performance Yanel Barbeito, Grazielle Leuchtenberger Host and technical Assistance Suzanne Stavast Production assistance Uli Pilwax

Anajara Laisa Amarante is a chronically ill, queer Brazilian artist. Their main media of work is the moving body. Their professional interests are personal and political: queer, dissident bodies, marginalized communities and art practices. Their main artistic practice is concentrated in the field of performing arts (focus choreography), with previous formations in Biology and Communication. As a Brazilian living in Europe, immigrant people, the construction of their identities, and post-colonialism interests them too, as well as the construction of joy, inclusion, and diversity.

Nara Rosseto is an intermedia artist from Brazil. She is currently in the first year of her Master in Fine Arts at OPorto University in Porto, Portugal. She’s also a performer, poet and filmmaker. Next to her specialization in Brazilian History and Culture she holds a BA in Architecture by Mackenzie University at São Paulo, Brazil. Her research is motivated by the diagnosis and experience of an illness characterized by chronic pain. Through diaries, photo, performance and textiles she seeks to create collections on the vulnerability of the human condition. Here she is especially interested in the women's body, in pieces that portray everyday situations, revealing both its fragility and invisibility.