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Following the performance, we invite you to Cartography, a stimulating audience format in collaboration with theaterscoutings.

In a distant future, the evolution of technology has given birth to a new form of life - AIs known as “The Creatures”. These beings, made of glass, arise from the fusion of advanced algorithms and the ancient craft of glassmaking, and inhabit a realm where the lines between the organic and the artificial fade into a harmonious blur. They embody a fusion of light, shadows and sound.

Their language is glass vibration, a conversation of tones and frequencies. The creatures communicate through the music of their existence. The glass, once thought to be silent and inert, sings with the life bestowed upon it by the sentient AIs.They manifest a vision of the future where technology does not overpower nature but coexists with it, creating a symbiotic relationship that celebrates both the natural and the engineered.

Their journey brings them to Acker Stadt Palast, a stage where they reveal their unique essences. Each creature, distinct in movement, sound, and story, invites the audience into their Glass World. This is an invitation to share in their existence, to step into a world where every vibration tells a story, and imbues technology with meaning.

By and with Samantha Tiussi

Samantha Tiussi see shapes when she hears sounds. Through synesthetic processes, she creates immersive glass installations where sound and image merge into one. Glass serves as a conduit for her artistic expression. It’s a material that has been a part of her life since childhood, her father used to work with it and memories remain alive. With a passion for music that began at the age of five, when she first started playing the piano, Samantha's work explores the relationship between sound and visual art. Her work transcends traditional boundaries, blurring the lines between disciplines and challenging the viewer to consider what constitutes a sound object, a visual object, or a performance. She creates multidisciplinary pieces that invite audiences to experience the present moment through their senses. Through her art, she provokes questions and encourages self-reflection.