© Jana Heilig

WOUND / Nora Amin

I have a wound
A wound is what I got
Deep within the fabric of my cells
Deep down
Carving a hole
Across layers of geological flesh
To mother earth

Not only the planet earth, its soil and nature carry the wounds of mass destruction across centuries of wars and colonisation, but our human soul also carries them. They become a wound to humanness, a genetic imprint across cultures and geographies. WOUND is a dance ritual that addresses grieving communities and collective mourning, towards the path of healing and reconciliation; to reconcile with the past, recognise the present, and construct a future via the human bonding and the bonding with nature, water and human body/soil.

Text, Choreography, Performance Nora Amin Music Co-Composition, Scenography Ehab Abdellatif, Nora Amin Calligraphy Ehab Abdellatif

Language English with scattered spoken Arabic and French, along with projected texts in English and German

Independent self-financed production by Nora Amin

On 11 May after talk with members of Amnesty International.

Nora Amin is a choreographer, performer, author and scholar. She lives in Berlin since 2015 where she developed her own choreographic signature through community dance workshops, professional contemporary dance workshops, solo performances, academic lectures/seminars and authored books. She holds a PhD in cultural policy and the performing arts from the university of Hildesheim, and is author of “Migrating the Feminine” (on sexual violation as a political weapon) and “Dance of the Persecuted” (a feminist decolonial approach to the history of baladi dance), MSB Matthes & Seitz, 2018-2021. Her main focus is the decolonisation of dance knowledge, trauma healing, body as an archive of identity, performance as protest, and creating a feminist approach towards Baladi dance. She is a board member of the German Centre of the International Theatre Institute, and member of the scientific committee of the Barba Varley Foundation, as well as co-creator/curator of the MA Dance program: Community, participation & activism (London Contemporary Dance School, The Place, UK). Her recent dance creations include: Re-rooting and MY DANCE.

Ehab Abdellatif is among the founders of independent theatre in Cairo, where he worked as an artistic partner in the Shrapnel Independent Theatre Group. He is a scenographer, visual artist, photographer, videographer, musician, music composer and calligraphy artist. He lives in Spain since 2007, and co-creates music and scenography with Nora Amin since 2021.