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Walking Palms / Solo by Christine Sollie

Christine Sollie /

double bill Walking Palms / VI.BRATIONS

Walking Palms is a tactile conversation between human and vegetal beings through sound, image and body.

It’s inspired by walking palmtrees in the Amazon that wear their roots above the ground, ready to move towards more sun and water. This immersive performance weaves care ecology, listening and imagination through live music, video projections and dance. Walking Palms explores how we root, how we step and how we connect with our environments. What makes us move (away)? Which traces do we leave behind? Do we support or are we supported? And if so, then how do we reflect our environments?

WALKING PALMS is a work in progress.

Performance Christine Sollie Music Pedro Pozos Visuals and projections Anita Berkhané Costume design Hamer Kormeling Mentor Yaara Dolev

With support of Keya Mosso Art