VI.BRATIONS|NEED|WONDER / Rosalind Holgate Smith, Katja Keya Richter & DER WAL

Rosalind Holgate Smith / Katja Keya Richter / DER WAL /

In 'Vibration' we explore the body as a collection of forces and what happens when we commit collectively; to states of instability. In this immersive sound and movement ritual we invite you to feel what resonates? From chemical hormones, to industrial noise, what reverberates? what frequencies spread through you? and what emotions permeate and travel beyond your skin? Come prepared to be rocked, like the sea, as we aim to discover from within; new notions of centre.

Concept & Choreografie Rosalind Holgate Smith & Katja Keya Richter Sound/Music Kiki Marti and Guests Dramaturgie Anne Pantaleon

Location Main Theatre | Duration 1 hour

Rosalind Holgate Smith is a Choreographer, Dancer and Interdisciplinary Artist and Katja Keya Richter is also a Choreographer, a Stuntwoman and IT consultant.

(canceled) NEED / WONDER is a work-in-progress by new Berlin-based performance company DER WAL

Who are we without one another to share in the holding of life’s relentless complexity? Can we find a path to liberation together? Can we be free? Are we changed by sharing space with the mystery of existence?

It is a performance-prayer, an invitation to connect to the sacred within each other and within ourselves through dance, song, image, and language.

It is an event that calls out for empathy and connection. Its theatricality weaves together the ancient and the contemporary into a celebration of resilience and vulnerability. It is an act of faith that holds as true that the profession of vulnerability leads to greater resilience for all those who experience it.

There will be fire. There will be dance and song. There will be words and secrets. There will be mystery, the sacred. Together, can we hold it all?

With Briana Joi Dickenson, Rosalind Holgate Smith and Buster Radvik Directed by Paul Budraitis

Location Outside courtyard | Duration 20mins