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UpToThree 2022 – elsewhere / ensemble mosaik

The workshop festival UpToThree has taken place once a year for five years. It serves as an opportunity to try out and experiment, to develop further with works and ideas for works by the members of the ensemble, but also with guest musicians and composers who are specially invited. The festival focuses on a different theme each year. Under the title "elsewhere", the musicians are currently working on a link between outdoor space, nature and the concert hall; themes of sustainability and globalisation are being artistically explored. In addition, studies for planned ensemble projects are being developed or project ideas of the musicians are being tested. The title UpToThree is the programme: there are a maximum of three musicians of the ensemble plus guests on stage.


13 August 2022

Juliana Hodkinson: beat for string trio (2022)
Anothai Nitibhon: New Project for trio and band (2022) UA
Jonas Baes: troubles temporaux for clarinet, vibraphone and cello (2022) UA
Antje Vowinckel: Hubraum for 2 performers (2020/22) (new version)

Petros Ovsepyan: Square for saxophone, cello and percussion (2022) UA
Mathis Mayr: The glowing path of the invisible shadow for violin, cello, synthesizer, percussion and electronics (2022) UA
Clemens Gadenstätter: BREAK EDEN - Song 1 for soprano and electronics (text: Lisa Spalt) (2022) UA

14 August 2022

Irene Galindo Quero: bayt al-wastani - excerpt for clavichord and synthesizer (2022) UA
Haukur Þór Harðarson: Recursion for bass oboe and synthesizer (2022) UA
Rebecca Saunders: Breath for solo violin (2018)
Joshua Mastel: New work for cello and electronics (2022) UA

Orm Finnendahl: Appropriation new version for oboe, viola and synthesizer (2022)
Khachatur Kanajan / Thomas Henriksson: yellow blue (2022) UA
Tamon Yashima: warmth and desolation for bass clarinet and electronics (2019/21)
Wang Lu: Ligaments for oboe, saxophone and cello (2022) UA

ensemble mosaic

Simon Strasser, oboe / Christian Vogel, clarinet / Martin Losert, saxophone / Roland Neffe, percussion / Ernst Surberg, keyboard, synthesizer / Sarah Saviet, violin / Karen Lorenz, viola / Mathis Mayr, cello / Niklas Seidl, cello / Arne Vierck, sound direction / Eckehard Güther, video technology / Anna Clare Hauf, soprano / Esther Ropón, clavichord / Thomas Henriksson, live-painting

Supported by the initiative neue musik berlin

The artistic work of ensemble mosaik builds on the continuity of its musical community, on explorative continuity, networking, collaborations with artists of all disciplines, other ensembles and with event organizers, on intercultural exchange as reflection and inspiration of global artistic concerns. Since its founding in 1997, ensemble mosaik has developed into a renowned ensemble for contemporary music as a particularly versatile and experimental formation. In their 25 years of collaboration, the musicians have created a distinguished ensemble that demonstrates openness to a wide variety of contemporary music concepts at the highest artistic level. Egalitarian working structures form the basis of a processual way of working in exchange with all actors involved in a concert project.