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UP TO THREE / ensemble mosaik

  • Sat / 10.6 / 19:00
  • Sat / 10.6 / 20:30
  • Sat / 10.6 / 22:00
  • Sun / 11.6 / 19:00
  • Sun / 11.6 / 20:30
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    Sat / 10.6 / 19:00

    Sat / 10.6 / 20:30

    Sat / 10.6 / 22:00

    Sun / 11.6 / 19:00

    Sun / 11.6 / 20:30

    UP TO THREE is a festival format in which the musicians of ensemble mosaik present themselves in small formations: A maximum of three musicians including guests perform simultaneously on the stage of the Acker Stadt Palast in Berlin Mitte.

    Over two days, the mini-festival will present selected compositions as well as studies and experiments from the workshops of the participating musicians and composers. Performer-composer teams focus on themes from current projects in ensemble work and explore new ideas and experiments in joint work phases over longer periods of time. This research work gives rise to compositions and concepts that are to be presented and discussed in public.

    An event by ensemble mosaik in cooperation with the Kyiv Contemporary Music Days and the Acker Stadt Palast, supported by the inm.

    UP TO THREE - andernorts II featuring Kyiv Contemporary Music Days


    10th June


    Du Yun: Under a tree, an Udātta (2018) for violin and audiotape

    Feliz Anne Reyes Macahis: d:ua:ta study (2023) UA for flute, percussion and electronics

    Alexander J. Villanueva: sa-li-ta-an (2023) UA for flute, clarinet, cello

    Kee Yong Chong: 3 rituals from the NoMan's land (2023) UA for viola(voice), midi-keyboards and percussion. Dedicated to Karen Lorenz, Ernst Surberg and Roland Neffe


    Mykhailo Chedryk: Sonare for guitar solo (2018)

    Anton Koshelev: rakish repulsed (2023) UA for saxophone and cello

    Jonah Nuoja Luo Haven: new project (2023) UA for violin and cello

    Chatschatur Kanajan: faces and voices (2023) UA for three singing string players


    Alexander Bauer: Solo (2023) UA for saxophone and electronics

    Boris Loginov: Miniature (2017) for cello solo

    Adrian Mokanu: le moire (2021) UA for string trio

    Saprykin Surberg Strasser Mayr

    11th June


    Liza Lim: lucid dreaming (2022) UA for flute solo

    Bettina Junge, Simon Strasser: listening through trees (2023) UA for oboe and electronics

    Kristine Tjøgersen: Prologue & Avian Chatters (2021) for violin solo

    Anna Korsun: Of Birds (2023) for clarinet and string trio


    Luca Staffiere: ORELOB (2023) UA for clarinet (flute, saxophone), electronics

    Maja Bosnić: /otkriće se/ (2023) UA for flute, clarinet, cello and electronics

    Anna Arkushyna: Modelle (2016) for violin and tape

    Neffe/Surberg/Mayer: improvisation (2023) with keyboard, percussion, e-guitar

    ensemble mosaik

    Bettina Junge - flute, Kristjana Helgadottir - flute, Simon Strasser - oboe, Christian Vogel - clarinet, Martin Losert - saxophone, Roland Neffe - percussion, Ernst Surberg - keyboard/synthesizer, Chatschatur Kanajan - violin, Sarah Saviet - violin, Karen Lorenz - viola, Mathis Mayr - cello, Niklas Seidl - cello, Arne Vierck - electronics / sound director

    Peter Meyer (Melt Trio): e-guitar

    Cooperation KCMD

    Vladyslav Indyk - guitar, Zhanna Marchynska - cello, Albert Saprykin – keyboard


    Alexander Bauer, Maja Bosnić, Kee Yong Chong, Jonah Haven, Feliz Anne Reyes Macahis, Luca Staffiere, Alexander J. Villanueva

    Mykhailo Chedryk, Anna Korsun, Anton Koshelev, Adrian Mocanu, Albert Saprykin