© Patrick Tjorven Stein

TO THE HEART OF THE ARTICHOKE / Pieles Permeables Collective

Four brave women journey into the artichoke's heart through its leaves, each experience transforming and enriching, urging a mindful savoring of essence.

„Why Death Was Just Death“ aims to destigmatize depression and make it a tangible topic. Leila Patzies works with a text excerpt from Haruki Murakami's „Tokyo Blues“.

In „PORTRAIT“, the performer Balboca uses various paintings of women to immerse herself in different state of life and explore the concept of resilience.

„From H to G“ depicts the journey from emptiness to fullness as a process. Claudia Iglesias chooses the ability to react in order to find freedom in responsibility.

„All By Myself“ uses the tragic comedy to shed light on the theme of loneliness. Greta Schuster plays ironically with popular love songs and films to ultimately become the protagonist of a television show

Pieles Permeables Collective - Claudia Iglesias, Leila Patzies, Greta Schuster, Leah Meirinhos

Pieles Permeables Collective is a community of dancers and choreographers that work towards creating a safe space for sustainable artistic growth in Berlin. Through the research project „sustainable, artistic growth through group coherence“ was founded; supported by Dachverband Tanz / Distanzen Solo.

WHY DEATH WAS JUST DEATH: Concept, choreography and Dance Leila Patzies Projection Kristopher Guarniz, Leila Patzies Text Haruki Murakami (Excerpt of Tokio Blues) spoken by Jimena Vila Music Credits Borna Kafaie (Soundscape), Eartheater, Koray Kantarcioğlu, LiYle west. (Cover by Billie Eilish)

PORTRAIT: Concept, choreography and Dance Leah Meirinhos Music Riccardo Joshua Morer & Alexey Kochetkov-Ajam Quartet

FROM H TO G: Concept, choreography and Dance Claudia Iglesias Text Alex Marecki Voice Claudia Iglesias Music Andre Tabone

ALL BY MYSELF: Concept, choreography and Dance Greta Schuster Music Celine Dion, original by Eric Carmen & Sergei Rachmaninoff /Frou Frou Imogen Heap/ Harry Styles, Kid Harpoon, Tyler Johnson /Florence and the Machine aka Florence Welch, Tobias Jesso Jr., Emile Heyne / Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes, Franke Previte, John DeNicola und Donald Markowitz