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The Red Folder / Theaterperformance with Livemusik by Urban Theater

Urban Theater /

Language: German, English, Ukrainian, Russian (with surtitles German/English, partly also Ukrainian, Russian)
Other languages can also be heard in the play: Estonian, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovakian, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian

It’s a true story of international family of three: mom, dad and little girl, who had to leave Russia and can’t go to Ukraine because of the war. It’s a road movie of their few months travel through 12 countries of Europe. The show is performed in four languages, but seven additional languages can be heard. The live music acts as another, universal language.

"The Red Folder" - it’s a folder with documents, which each immigrant or refugee should collect on the way. So, it’s a true story based on documents of this family, but turned into the uplifting form of fairytale which parents telling their daughter.

With Illia Rudakov, Olha Kryvosheieva, Luis Krummenacher, Mikhail Poliakov Director Natalia Lapina Stage design Arina Slobodyanik Video Yaroslav Bulavin Yaroslav Bulavin Music Mikhail Poliakov Choreography Lea Svenja Dietrich Production management Witalij Schmidt

With the kind support of Wheels e.V. and Verarius

Urban Theatre is an international ensemble that was founded in 2017 as a branch of the Saint Petersburg City Theatre for collaboration on joint European projects. After the outbreak of war in February 2022, when the Saint Petersburg City Theatre's funding was withdrawn due to its anti-war stance, its founder and artistic director Natalia Lapina continued the work of the Urban Theatre in Berlin together with a team of artists.