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Souvenir of England / Marianne Dissard

Marianne Dissard /

Haven't we all wondered lately... what the hell is happening with the UK?! How do you explain Brexit, four decades of Tories austerity, Liz Truss's „lettuce“, England without the Queen, London as an international plutocrats' paradise?

Originally inspired by British filmmaker Joanna Hogg's „The Souvenir, Part 1“ with Tilda and Honor Swinton, Marianne Dissard presents a punchy and articulate live music and visual theater experience that radically reframes Hogg's tender coming-of-age story, set in 1983 London, as a blunt meditation on England's legacy of wealth and power.

Featuring Dissard's urban photography series of posh South West London and 1980s pop classics like Shipbuilding and Ghost Town by Raphael Mann re-imagining Hogg's soundtrack using sounds of metal hitting metal to evoke the labour of metallurgy on which the „mighty British empire“ was built. The 80s are dead, long live the 80s!

Performance, visual arts Marianne Dissard Musical direction and production Raphael Mann (UK) Set design Remo Lotano (US/DE), Bastien Forestier (FR) Dramaturgy Ami Garmon (US/DE)

French-American multi-disciplinary artist Marianne Dissard, now based in Glasgow, Scotland, studied filmmaking in Los Angeles (USC Film School), directed documentary films and music videos for American and French TV, and became a singer when the Tucson band Calexico wrote, produced, and recorded her first album, „L'entredeux“, in 2008. She has released several albums since and toured Europe extensively, performing in Berlin several times.

In Berlin, Marianne has collaborated with dancers Ami Garmon and Frank Willens, with creative support from Meg Stuart, and scenographer Remo Lotano for Tanz im August 2013. Her video installation featured at DOCK 11 in October 2023 for Ami Garmon's „Patience and Hunger“ solo. She has written a memoir „Not me“ and adapted to the stage in 2019. Its touring cancelled by the pandemic, she became a street photographer, documenting these strange times first in Ramsgate, Kent where she was based, followed by a series in Knightsbridge, Central London, resulting in solo exhibitions and large-scale site-specific installations in 2021-2023 in Paris, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Ramsgate, and group shows including one at Turner Contemporary, Margate.