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SHATTERPROOF UNPLUGGED / Ulrike Brand, Ingo Reulecke & Sten Rudstrom

SHATTERPROOF rekindles the social isolation caused by the current pandemic and our ever-increasing reliance in digital media which has produced a comforting false reality by substituting our natural desire for human contact with a manipulated representation of who we are. How do we find connection when we stand on splintered ground? Can we piece together our fragmented selves to find meaning?

SHATTERPROOF UNPLUGGED is based on the development work of "Shatterproof" (2022/23) in which the interaction of perfomer and visual digital media was investigated. (Video: Mark Coniglio). The result of this intensive rehearsal work was a high sensitization of dancer and cellist in relation to their interactions, their perception, as well as the perception of the space. How does our perception of ourselves change through the continuous presence and observation of digital media? How do we internalize this experience of virtual doubling in our artistic work? What happens when the technological media are suddenly UNPLUGGED and only the real bodies and an acoustic resonating body find themselves on stage?

Cello, Performance Ulrike Brand Dance, Voice Ingo Reulecke Director Sten Rudstrom