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PRACINHA / PlayGroundBerliM & SichtLautBelgium

multiple artists

The action leads to the idea, the interaction shows the way.
To do! We do: not the things we had in mind. We just do!
The action is the point of departure, the legitimisation and the catalyst of as well the start as the development of the presentation. The different appliances as music, dance and picture take over each other's strategy. By definition, music and dance are temporary, mobile and repeatable.

Flow and pace and rhythm and loose and tight and drama and serenity and space and confinement and absurdity and intent and so on and on the same words to describe the untranslatable states of being in the presence of the making.

By and with the clowns, artists, dancers, actors, musicians and performers of the PlayGroundBerliM Crew

Lígia Liberatori, Luciana Arcuri, Simone Donha, Isabella Parkinson, Peti Costa, Thiago Rosa, Sergio Serrano, Geraldo Si

and the guests of SichtLautBelgium Peter Jacquemyn, Jan Pillaert, Lazara Rosell Albear, Sofia Kakouri