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in German, English, Portuguese

POPCORN AM MORGEN is an analysis of our own indifference, which accompanies us every day. The eyes stare into the distance, the body is lethargic but not relaxed, the arms are folded in front of the chest, the teeth lie on top of each other, apathetically the popcorn is snacked away in the tram at eight in the morning.

In the rush of time, overrun by pixels and news, no longer hearing or seeing anything, with cotton wool in the ears. POP! - What was that? See, already distracted.

While a bright pink top catches our attention, the grey concrete of the big city seems to fade in the background. But one cannot exist without the other. How are we in-different?

The PAM! Kollektiv + Guests overwrite their own hard drive to escape their own attention.

Concept, Sound Design Margarida Albino Concept, Artistic Management, Production, Design, Performance André Correia Concept, Co-Regie Lara Kaiser Concept, Performance Kira-Lily Marschall Concept, Artistic Management, Production, Design, Co-Regie Paula Meuthen Concept, Performance Jäckie Rydz Concept, Choreography, Performance Sofia Sarmento Concept, Co-Regie Paula Schlagbauer Concept, Artistic Management, Production, Design, Co-Regie Madalena Wallenstein de Castro

Supported by the Institut für Künstlerische Forschung der Filmuniversität Konrad Wolf Babelsberg, the Kommission für Künstlerische Vorhaben der Universität der Künste Berlin and by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes and the Alfred-Toepfer-Stiftung.