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Open Call #share-Interferenz

multiple artists

#share Interferenz

Open Call

for a 10-day residency at Acker Stadt Palast


a performance as part of the festival 10 years of Acker Stadt Palast

December 7 - 18, 2022

June 23, 2022

Application deadline for dancers and perfomers


July 18 - 28, 2022

  • part 1

by arrangement (September to November)

  • part 2

December 7 - 18, 2022

Festival 10 years of Acker Stadt Palast

Since its inception in 2012, Acker Stadt Palast (ASP) has shaped a profile of contemporary dance, performance and Contemporary music. Under the motto 'This is your house', the formerly squatted space is opening up to a growing number of artists and their diverse perspectives, striving for a balance between the new and the established. . The ASP is an experimental host, a venue for revenants and emerging artists. In December 2022, the ASP will turn 10 and would like to celebrate its anniversary with a festival that is dedicated to the audience and the most diverse forms of participation. Since the pandemic (at the latest) has shown us: without real encounters with the audience, there is no point toiling over artistic terrains!

Since 2021, Acker Stadt Palast has been offering artists a framework to try out their skills and at the same time to get in touch and exchange with the audience - even without live performances - as part of the #share project. Social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are used for this purpose, giving the audience the opportunity to post feedback after insights into the work and rehearsal process and to proactively shape the development as co-directors and dramaturges.

For the anniversary festival #share will be transformed into #share Interferenz. Why interference? Because in interference, waves overlap and permeate each other; because aspects of one structure are transferred to its equivalent and leave traces - in sound, in phonemes, in words, in movement.

In the context of #share-Interferenz, another level of exchange is added to the contact between artists and audience: in a kind of artistic ‘blind date’, the festival team invites six dancers / choreographers of contemporary dance to meet up in duos with the musicians / real-time composers Ute Wassermann, Burkard Beins, Anna Clementi, Michael Vorfeld, Marcelo Schmittner and Erik Drescher in order to develop six performative miniatures in a 10-day residency at Acker Stadt Palast. In an experimental setting that focuses on performative processes, the duos will have the opportunity to track down aesthetic points of friction and explore artistic connections.

After an initial phase of this bilateral collaboration, the next step will be the artistic confrontation of two duos who will support each other as Outside Eye(s), give each other artistic impulses and finally, in this new constellation, occupy the space together within the framework of the festival and give their works a collective shape.

For these tandems we invite transnational dancers and performers living in Berlin with different aesthetic approaches, diverse perspectives and interest in an artistic collaboration with a musician / real-time composer to apply.

The project is curated by Anete Colacioppo, artistic director of Acker Stadt Palast and Christin Eckart, production manager and director.

We welcome applications with a short letter of motivation (maximum one page), CV and video that gives a brief impression of the artistic work and aesthetics, as well as a question that currently shapes the artistic work of the applicant and that can be incorporated into the collaboration. We explicitly invite marginalized perspectives to apply. To make the application process more accessible, applications in video format (max. 5 minutes) are equally welcom.

Please include video documentation of current or past projects or relevant links in your application. When applying, please also indicate the periods in which a residency is possible for you.

We look forward to receiving applications by email to:opencall@ackerstadtpalast.de