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What happened to you in the last two years that made you become the person you are today?

Movere Momentum is a time document, a look at society, drawn into an individual story. Narrated, moving and incredibly touching.

The origin of this project lies in a dance film production that will have premiere in August 2022 and represents a document of time for the upcoming generation.

Now this production finds its way from the screen to the stage, into reality, touching and tangible.

These individual stories all emerge from a collective movement and yet each has its own story that may or may not be touching. We are all connected and in constant motion and dependent on what is happening around us and within us. Be the moment.

By and with Zuza Salicka, Baja Kostrunkova, Christine Sollie, Sofia Brito, Violet Azimifard, Roman Ruebe, Bryn Thomas, Jonas Marx, So Yeon Shin.

A production of Mosso Art. Supported by DISTANZEN Solo - Dachverband Tanz Deutschland

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