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LUST / Callas&Dollars

Callas&Dollars / Irene Accardo /

In German, English

Losely inspired by Elfreide Jelinek’s Lust. MTV, fucked up relationships and cheap wigs.

Callas&Dollars create a ritual in which performance, dance and music meet and react to each other on stage without hierarchies.

The performance concert LUST by Callas&Dollars questions pornography as language and power system; The play does not focus on sex or sex work, but on the inherent violence of a language and patriarchal world of representation, in which people and their relationships are reduced to objects: not the spectacular side of social violence, but its banality in everyday life: the way and how we communicate, passively adopt clichés or folk wisdom, reenact expectations, masks and roles, project or allow them to be projected.

The search for a "WE" as a longing for the other, for intimacy and togetherness is not lost and, like in Jelinek’s Lust, breaks through the language in the form of its musicality, its absurdity and humor, as well as its intimate and fleeting character.

With the dance of words, Callas&Dollars try to create an exorcism ritual in which the human can be felt beneath the surface of "everyday man", like a spirit, a vibration in space. With cheap wigs and glittering dresses.

By and with/ co-creators Irene Accardo (concept-performance-voice), Riako Napitupulu (performance-dance-voice), Ghaliz Haris (performance-live music) stage, consulting Laurent Pellissier outside eye Regina Peper Thanks to Josèphine Evrard

The research for this work was supported by Arbeit und Recherche -Stipendium des Berliner Senats 2021. Supported by Garage-Tanz Werkstatt für darstellende Künste e.V. and Theaterhaus Mitte.