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Liebe ist kein Tourismus / Amor, Distanz & Pandemie

AQUItheater Berlin /

A dance theater piece based on "love is not tourism", an international movement of binational couples who could not meet their partners due to COVID-19 and the closure of national borders.

This piece tells the story of a woman separated from her partner by the closing of the borders due to COVID 19. In the course of the story we see how the protagonist tries everything to meet him again, while confronting the preventive measures against Coronavirus, the German bureaucracy and her own concepts of love.

Concept, Performance Lorena Valdenegro Assistant director, Choreography Catalina Tello Music, Live on stage Sofía Puertas Costumes Gisela De Rojas Stage design AQUItheater Berlin Flyer design Sandra Feferbaum

Teaser https://youtu.be/Q7DbseaBfuE

AQUItheater Berlin was founded in 2016 by Lorena Valdenegro and consists of Berlin-based artists with a migration experience. Our creations start from the body and the biography. Our themes are migration, identity and love from a feminist perspective. Previously we presented the plays "De-construction", "Excuse me, it's your fault", "Talking under the water" and "MARTA". The latter supported by the Performing Arts Fund (#TakeAction).