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CREATURES / Samantha Tiussi

CREATURES is an art and sound performance that explores the intersection of the two mediums. The sound vibrates in a mystical way, creating glass shards that scatter across the stage. From them, creatures emerge and come to life, materialised from the sound waves. Algorithms control the movement of the creatures, raising questions about AI and its impact on our lives. A soundscape composition made of glass sounds accompanies the emergence of the creatures, together with the "Piano Glass", a unique instrument adapted from a toy piano. Through this show, the artist invites us to explore our sensorial system and reflect on the life process of constant creation, destruction, and recreation. The performance blurs the lines between art and music, offering a unique and thought-provoking experience.

By and with Samantha Tiussi

Samantha Tiussi see shapes when she hears sounds. Through synesthetic processes, she creates immersive glass installations where sound and image merge into one. Glass serves as a conduit for her artistic expression. It’s a material that has been a part of her life since childhood, her father used to work with it and memories remain alive. With a passion for music that began at the age of five, when she first started playing the piano, Samantha's work explores the relationship between sound and visual art. Her work transcends traditional boundaries, blurring the lines between disciplines and challenging the viewer to consider what constitutes a sound object, a visual object, or a performance. She creates multidisciplinary pieces that invite audiences to experience the present moment through their senses. Through her art, she provokes questions and encourages self-reflection.