DETECTIVE Heyler - raider of the deadly things out of Vienna - a criminalistic Solo-Dance-Performance that deals with the materialisation of inheritance.

Each death reveals a material and a spiritual legacy. How do we deal with this?
Is there an undiscovered explosiv atmosphere, despite an “oh so intellectual and morally minded” family, in apparently “unimportant” things?
Ini Dill encounters the artifacts of her family heritage with dance and object theatre. She asks to what extent things - chairs, paintings, jewelry, mirrors, photos and even a simple kitchen scale - can block the path to personal legacy of memory and stories.
She shows how the conflict among relatives accumulates through claims of ownership, leading to the devastation of her beloved childhood memories. She follows the repetitive cycles of action that family members get caught up in, and wakes Inspector Heyler to get to the bottom of the matter.
“In the end, do we only want to dispute over the inheritance, to fight against our fear of not being able to cope with the grief?”

Choreography/ dance/ performance: Ini Dill
Music: Sabine Bremer,
video: Sabine Bremer, N.N.
Puppetry coach: Nathalie Wendt
Collaboration choreography, dance: Katja Scholz, Daniel Drabek text: Ini Dill, Mai Di Huyen vo Dieu
PR: Julia Thimm