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Im Rahmen des Performing Arts Festivals 2023: Bubble Sinn

Zé de Paiva / Vinicius Giusti / Carla Bessa / Anete Colacioppo /

In German, Portuguese, English, Spanish

In the multimedia performance Bubble Sinn, the artist collective Zé de Paiva, Vinicius Giusti, Carla Bessa and Anete Colacioppo explore nothing less than the meaning and/or meaninglessness of our lives and work. They interviewed a handful of friends, audience members and themselves, asking a single question: What makes sense to you and what doesn't make sense? - knowing full well that meaning doesn't just happen, but has to be "made" with hard work.

The answers in the form of text, gestures, light and sounds form the basis of the piece, which creates even more confusion in the border area between dance, video performance, acting, sound and electronic art performance.

Audience comment: "A poetic, pictorial and varied piece that leaves you wanting more and thinking".

Texts by Bruno Latour with quotations from "Refugium Europa", translated from French by Tobias Haberkorn and by Carla Bessa

By and with Zé de Paiva, Vinicius Giusti, Carla Bessa and Anete Colacioppo

A production of Acker Stadt Palast

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR