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HISHIGARO / Samantha Tiussi & Dario Dornelsom

Language: English, Deutsch und Português

„Hishigaro“ is a sound performance project which challenges the boundaries of language, sound, and technology. It tells the tale of Hishigaro, a character on a quest to save his village from an enigmatic threat. This project emerged from the sonic experimentation of Samantha Tiussi and Dario Dornel, who discovered the story within the sounds they created, and they use this narrative as a score. Drawing from Wittgenstein's philosophy

on language's limitations and Xenakis's approach to notation, „Hishigaro“ challenges conventional communication and explores sound as a means of storytelling.

Central to the project's sonic tapestry are the instruments and elements they employ, including electronics, an acoustic piano, and an array of diverse sound sources. Notably, the Piano Glass, a unique instrument Samantha has ingeniously crafted by repurposing a traditional piano and replacing its strings with delicate glass shards, serves as a pivotal element in our sonic journey.

By and with Samantha Tiussi, Dario Dornel