© Markus Posse

FOLKOSIS / a performative dispute on the politics of inspiration

kollektiv mad.Nest / Markus Posse /

A wild and a crazy body meet and merge into a template. The performers dance their cultural and mental identities into place. They draw their energy from the fascination for the free, irrational and radically poetic behind their sources of inspiration. But how far can this process between imitation and irritation be taken?

Based on the manifesto text "Anticultural Positions" by the founder of Art Brut, Jean Dubuffet, a performative confrontation develops around the longing for the original.

Artistic director Markus Posse Choreography Markus Posse, Andrea Krohn Stage & object theatre Tanja Höhne Text hn. lyonga Performance Andrea Krohn, hn. lyonga, Markus Posse, Tanja Höhne

Supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funding from the Federal Government for Culture and the Media within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR.

kollektiv mad.Nest is an interdisciplinary association of artists, dedicated to the exploration of artworks and formal languages that do not belong to the canon of what can be shown and seen. The group, most of whom live in Hamburg group works with dance, poetry and video to create performative installations and installations and scenic discourse formats.