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Femme x 3 / Jasmine Hearn, Pamela Pietro und Nicola Bullock


Duett (15 min) // Gestures 289 (10 min) // I’ll remember your spine, Matr (15 min) // All the things I thought I knew but (15 min) // Subtle Overwhelms (40 min)

in German / English

Duet / Jasmine Hearn and Pamela Pietro

How do we want to set up the space? The conversation between Pamela Pietro and Jasmine Hearn is an improvised, embodied landing score and dialogue that draws on their six-year practice of meeting and moving, getting to know each other as friends through form, sound and shape.

By and with Pamela Pietro, Jasmine Hearn

Gestures 289 / Solo von Pamela Pietro unter der Regie von Jasmine Hearn

Dieses Solo ist eine Bewegungsstudie, die Teil eines atmenden anthologischen Katalogs von Jasmine Hearns Tanz- und Performance-Linie ist. In Zusammenarbeit mit Pamela Pietro kartografiert diese Arbeit Anwesenheit und Muster des Haltens und Loslassens.

Regie Jasmine Hearn Choreografie Jasmine Hearn, Pamela Pietro Performance Pamela Pietro Ton Jasmine Hearn

I'll remember your spine, Matr / Solo by Jasmine Hearn

This solo is a prelude to the forthcoming project Memory Fleet: A Return to Matr and features the results of travels to Macedonia and Italy.

Concept, Performance Jasmine Hearn Sound Jasmine Hearn

All the things I thought I knew but / Solo by Pamela Pietro

Concept, Performance Pamela Pietro

Subtle Overwhelms / Solo by Nicola Bullock

A dance theatre piece dealing with the nothingness in life. Using movement, poetry and song, Nicola Bullock attempts to negotiate and surrender to the invisible power of emptiness as a metaphor for what cannot be known. Questions such as Do we make sense of things that don't make sense? and How do we process the absence of experience? set improv scores and choreography in motion on a journey exploring unknown space and time together. (Audience participation is voluntary).

By and with Nicola Bullock

Pamela Pietro is an independent artist, performer and educator who studied dance with a minor in Biomedical Ethics at the University of Washington. She is Acting Chair of the New York University Tisch School for the Arts, Department of Dance. She was awarded first prize for academic achievement and performance by the National Society of Arts and Letters and received a gold medal at the Asiagraph Video/Choreography Competition in Shanghai, China.

Jasmine Hearn is an internationally-touring interdisciplinary artist, director, performer, choreographer, organizer, doula, and teacher. They are committed to performance as an expansive practice that includes a spectrum of dance and somatic traditions and techniques, sound composition, design, cooking, and the archiving of matrilineal memories.

Nicola Bullock studied dance at the University of the Arts (Philadelphia, PA). She works as a choreographer, dancer and writer and lives in Berlin, driven by her physical urge to dance and create. Her solo and group works have been performed internationally.