© (c) Kanitz

EDEN II - Fragments of a Song Recital about War / Kanitz & Draeger

Tilman Kanitz / Niklas Draeger /

…in diesem Bett, das von Benzin, Gas, Trümmern heimgesucht wird, unter dem Oleander, dem Schilfrohr, die der Kugelhagel zerfetzt hat, stapfst du über den fossilienhaltigen Sand… - Pierre Guyotat

Tilman Kanitz and Niklas Draeger assemble a moving mosaic from passages by Pierre Guyotat, Ernst Jünger, and anonymous authors. Images emerge and again and again they disintegrate into individual tiles, illegible elements of meaning, traces, hints. In this way they try to approach the strange relationship that exists between war and culture. Time and again, war and culture conquer each other, and yet a trace of one remains in the other. Trauma and belligerence as atavism in culture. Remnants of the spirit in the trenches. An evening for voice, cello and electronic instruments.

idea, concept, direction & performance Tilman Kanitz, Niklas Draeger music Tilman Kanitz costume Anna P. Müller light, stage Tilman Kanitz

Project funding by the Wiederaufnahmeförderung der Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa