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Duos Duet / Electroacoustic fusion inspired by Iranian rooted motives

"Duos Duet" embarks on a musical journey, stimulating your imagination through sound and music. Their fusion of electroacoustic elements, enriched with looping techniques, draws inspiration from Iranian-rooted motives. The evening's repertoire combines improvisational pieces and crafted tracks, born organically. Each note is an exploration of emotion. Within this harmonious interplay of improvisation, experimentation, and electroacoustic music, a mesmerizing story unfolds, uniting these diverse elements. Here, they push the boundaries of sound, inviting your imagination to wander to Earth's distant corners in your mind.

By and with Niki Yaghmaee (Violin), Golsana Shenasaei (Cello)

Funded by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Gesellschaftlichen Zusammenhalt.

Senatsverw 2023 neu

Duos Duet began its musical journey in 2017 by busking in Tehran and performing their original compositions at various concerts throughout Iran, Turkey, and Europe.

The duo uses looping techniques to create a sound space and incorporates Iranian-rooted motives with synthesized violin cello, taking the audience on a unique journey.
Over the years, the duo has collaborated with a variety of international musicians, dancers, and video makers, further expanding their artistic horizons. Both members of Duos Duet have more than 15 years of experience playing in different orchestras and ensembles, This extensive experience has contributed to the duo's musical expertise.