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BIOME / Mansoor Hosseini & Volve Vokal

Mansoor Hosseini / Volve Vokal /

English & Swedish (with moments of German, Icelandic & Norwegian)

New music for female vocal ensemble, movements and video that depict a biological community with living organisms interacting with each other. We also experience memories of people who have lived among them, through the writings they have left behind.

Mansoor Hosseini’s composiZon demands of Volve Vokal to perform by heart while carrying out planned or improvised mouvements all over the stage. The music acquires singing, speaking or a combinaZon of various voice technics to express poems and proses by Monika Rinck (Berlin), Cia Rinne (Berlin/Finland), Soffía Bjarnadóttir (Iceland), Ingrid Storholmen (Norway), Mansoor Hosseini (Sweden) and Monica Aasprong (Norway). The poets own voices is a key part of the overall mood of the Biome topic.

Two of the poems, by Ingrid Storholmen and Soffía Bjarnadóttir, are specially created for the project.

With Volve Vokal Ensemble (Anja Moe, Birte Linn Dyrdal, Malin Kvalevåg, Maren
Edvardsen, Vilja Marjatta Kjersheim, Kaja Linder Henriksen) Music Mansoor Hosseini Conductor Thea Miedell Sjule Scenography Line S. Hvoslef

Supported and funded by Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, Bergen Kommune, Letterstedtska Föreningen, Nordisk Kulturfond

Volve Vokal is a female vocal ensemble. They are based in Bergen and specialize mainly in visuals combined with the choir-genre. Music theater of various styles. They have been praised for their daring style tackling the music theater and vocal genre. The ensemble has won various compeZZon and prizes such as ”Female Choire-class” at the Grieg InternaZonal Choir FesZval recently. They have performed at InternaZonal plahorms and made Television appearances, Eurovision Contest being one of those.

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