© Carla Morera Cruzate

beyond & disposable heroines / two dance duets

multiple artists

in english/ german / spanish

In two unconventional performances, four dancers present two duets.

beyond -- Hopes have faded, ideals are only memories of another time. Two women, pursued by their dreams, in a city as generous as it is hard, as seductively beautiful as it is ugly, in a chaotic world. The dancers playfully and lustfully sound out the possibility of finding and unleashing their inner strength in anticipation of the impending apocalypse. In the end, is emigration to another galaxy the only option? Beyond, where no woman has gone before...

disposable heroines -- Who wants to and can afford to work with dancers who have children? Based on biographies of dancing mothers, the performance makes their mental and physical feat tangible. What becomes visible here are not metaphorically heightened, but real, sometimes humorous images of mothers. The search is on for new visions and manifestos for a reflected approach to the needs of dancing mothers.

The dancers and choreographers have lived and worked in Berlin for many years. They studied at the Folkwang University of the Arts/Essen, at the Dansopleiding Moderne Theaterdans/Amsterdam, SEAD/Salzburg, Ballet School of the Vienna State Opera/Vienna.

beyond is the first choreographic collaboration between Katja Scholz and Ute Pliestermann. Premiere at the Cambio Festival in Assisi/Italy in July 2023. The performance collective "die elektroschuhe" was founded in 2009. Ini Dill, Carla Morera Cruzate and Katja Scholz have already realised several productions together and present their latest work with disposable heroines. https://www.die-elektroschuhe....


Choreography, Dance:
Ute Pliestermann, Katja Scholz Visual Arts: Clemens Kahlke

The premiere of "beyond" in Assisi, Italy, is funded by the European Union POR-FESR and Piano Sviluppo e Coesione FSC. The development of the piece is supported by "Parallelprotokolle", funded by Bezirkskulturfonds Berlin-Mitte. With support of Theaterhaus Mitte.

BKF Berlin

disposable heroines

Performance, dance: Ini Dill, Carla Morera Cruzate Concept, idea: Katja Scholz

"disposable heroines" was supported in the conception phase by DIS-TANZEN, Dachverband Tanz Deutschland e.V., as part of the DIS-TANZ-SOLO funding programme. With support of Theaterhaus Mitte.