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Walk through your body a silence / Miriam Dascal

Miriam Dascal /

A clash between death and life, deep memories imprinted on the artist's body celebrating life!

“Walk through your body a silence” is a scenic installation that combines dance, music and audiovisual, relating the inevitable passage of time with the need for scorching silence. The core of the scenic environment is the performer's body traversed by symbolic images (gaps, openings, abandoned houses, broken windows), in repetitive and continuous movements, drawing in the space the connections between the present and the past, a manifest of the wear and tear of the violence of the times. , bringing silence as an appeal integrated by sounds, noises and the performer's voice. The final act breaks with the death-life clash, in an energetic and vital dance with the expression of breathing that gradually and subtly expands in the audience as a single chorus of sounds vibrating and celebrating life.

Conception and Performance Miriam Dascal

Scenic orientation Angela Sassine

Musical / Sound Composition Ivan Zurawski

Photography Ângela Sassine e Giorgio D`Onofrio

Video and sound VJ Dado França

Producer Renata Campos

Miram Dascal is Master of Arts, dancer, choreographer, performer, therapist and specialist teacher in Eutony. Bachelor in Social Communication from FAAP; Master of Arts from UNICAMP. Training and specialization in Eutonia, Argentine and Latin American Eutonia Association, Buenos Aires/ Argentina; Training in Educational Dance and Laban Method Performance (Brazil/England). Author of the book “Eutonia, O saber do Corpo”, ed. Senac Director of the space Aanga Arte-Educação do Movimento (SP/Brazil). Throughout her career, she has been giving performances and workshops in Brazil and abroad.