THE TRADITION / Telmo Branco

Telmo Branco /

"The Tradition" is an interdisciplinary piece that confronts patriarchal forms of oppression, their roots, and aftermath.

"The Tradition '' portrays the traces left in our society by centuries of religious and imperial indoctrination, and their effects on non heternormative bodies. Acknowledging our traumatic past leads to reconciliation and self-truth. “The Tradition” explores that tumultuous journey, the dismantling of shame and fear, the rebuilding of one’s sense of identity, and the healing and liberation that results.

Creation and Performance Telmo Branco Videography and Photography Rachael Mauney and Telmo Branco Sound Design Telmo Branco

With the support/collaboration of: Lake Studios, SCOPE BLN, Acker Stadt Palast, and Fabrik Potsdam- Berlin

Telmo Branco is an interdisciplinary non-binary artist trained in the fields of acting, performance art, physical theatre, and contemporary dance. Telmo Branco is originally from Portugal and based in Berlin. With a consideration for emotional sensitivity, their work is designed to reflect individuals and their oppressive history. Telmo reflects oppression as a denominator of individual and collective trauma, institutionalized in the social and family unit. Telmo Branco is currently developing “The Unspeakable”, a performance research on the cultural stigmatization of Trauma, funded by DISTANZEN Solo | Dachverband Tanz Deutschland. They are involved as a curator and member of one of the choreographic teams involved in “Moving the Forum”, at the Humboldt Forum, Berlin. Their film “The Tradition - The Film” is currently in exhibition in galleries and film festivals. Besides developing their own work, they have collaborated with artists from different fields such as Veronica Riz (IT), Helena Waldmann (DE), Nir de Wolff (IL) , Annelie Andre (AT), Alexandra Pirici (RO), Falk Richter (DE), Lea Pitschke and Michael Baumann (DE), Shang-Chi Sun (TW) Ximo Flores (ES), etc. More Information