A performance in which two characters try to reach each other in the interplay of dance, narrative and visual art.

On stage two dancers, two chairs, two white surfaces that modulate space and distance. It is about distance, about not being able to physically touch each other, the emotional personal withdrawal and the defined space between two objects or points. THE OTHER SIDE is a reflection on the current situation of the pandemic and its consequences for people who are asked to keep their distance. The choreographic work reflects how everyday social life and our behaviour towards each other have changed in recent months. People want to meet, communicate, touch each other and yet have to deal with the current distance.

Cie Kinoun is inspired by Aristotle and his theory about movement. Movement arises from a motivation, takes its origin from the intellect, from thinking and sets something or someone in motion. THE OTHER SIDE and RE-MOVE (Premiere in November 2021) are the first productions of the group, which has already worked on plays such as GENESIS and THE EMPTY-ROOM under the Mundart label. More on

Direction Jannis Polyzos Choreography, Performance Valeria Busdraghi, Jannis Polyzos Dramaturgy assistance Raffaella Galdi Lighting design Aurelian Quievreux Stage, Costume Cie Kinoun Production Cie Kinoun Cooperation with Acker Stadt Palast