This work by Keisuke Sugawara is part of the research focused on “individual existence” and “relationships with others”.

Conducting research using a “visual score” to work with artists from various fields. The artists will work on individual creation based on their own interpretation and inspiration from the shared visual score. There will then be solo work by each artist (their own expression = subjectivity: “E = S”) to coexist in the same space. What kind of reactions will occur? How will we present a solution for that as a collective? The purpose of this research is to explore how we can exist as a collective while each artist carries through their own “E = S” as well as how we can establish “self” within the collective.

Keisuke Sugawara participated in the #share project with this work and presented excerpts from the rehearsal process.

Keisuke Sugawara is a physical performer / dancer based in Berlin, Germany. He studied performing arts under Jody Reed in Alaska, USA. After returning to Japan in 2007, he started working with various choreographers and directors for a number of performances, and in 2017 he moved to Germany to focus on his own expression and creation. Since then, he has created performances based on the landscapes he owns (a mixture of sceneries he has seen in the past and his imagination): "Afterglow" (2018) and "A man nameless, A woman with a lanterne.“ (2019). In parallel with his theatrical production, he also embarked on research-based creations: "VITALS" (2019) focusing on the structure of the body and respiratory organs and “2379” (2020) exploring to find connections between separated spaces, to name a few. While working on creation and presentation in Berlin, he is active in various countries around the world especially in Japan and Denmark as well as participating in the theater festival held in Iraq.

Since 2020, he has taken a new approach towards creation under the themes “individual existence” and “relationships with others”. Collaborating with artists from different genres such as musicians, filmmakers, actors and writers, he explores new ways to create experimental performances using physical movements beyond the conventional theater productions, which is presented in the performances "Streicher und Bewegung", "Drei" as well as the filmwork "Raum". In 2021, he founded “Partitur” project, a new series of movement research with support by Fonds Darstellende Künste.

Concept, artistic direction Keisuke Sugawara Performance Adam Goodwin, Sebastian Rein, Johanna Ryynänen Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste