PONY SAYS | CAPSULES | - Hybrid Vorstellung

Pony says / Neo Hülcker / Ui-Kyung Lee /

Am 18.06.2021 Hybrid-Veranstaltung: Event findet analog vor Ort und online statt.

The concert performance PONYS SAYS | CAPSULES | is a collaboration between the ensemble Pony Says and the composers Neo Hülcker and Ui-Kyung Lee.

The focus is on a commissioned composition by Neo Hülcker that playfully explores the social aspects of the Corona pandemic, such as distance, contact and communication, and communicates itself on a performative, multimedia and chamber music level. A second central point to the programme is the concert installation "Your listening is our jouissance" (2018) by Ui-Kyung Lee. This work renegotiates the relationship between music and audience, in which the acoustic situation of a room is modified and turned inside out by three performers, with the audience taking on a central role: their soundscape becomes the musical material to be modified. With „ASMR * contemporary music ensemble“, another work by Neo Hülcker is on the programme, which deals with the digital trend known as ASMR.

All three works move along a fine line between silence, action and sound and also pose the question of the relationship between hearing and seeing.

Pony says is a trio specialised in contemporary music and free improvisation. More on https://ponysays.de

With Pony Says (Lucas Gerin, Felix Nagl, Thilo Ruck) Composition Neo Hülcker, Ui-Kyung Lee Production Pony Says Funded by Musikfonds and INM Berlin

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