Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson / Mariangela Tinelli / Elo Masing /

The paradox of travel during a lockdown. In the interplay of dance and music, movement from a distance is explored with a concrete touch and movement in the score. From the real landscape to the sublimated idea of a landscape. A movement between real proximity and stylised distance.

The title of the evening NO-DESTINATION FLIGHT is based on the idea of an Australian airline that offered sightseeing flights during the hard months of the lockdown 2020. Yet the tourist attraction was only the flight itself. The paradox of a journey. The first part of the evening plays with the idea of the long view and the bird's eye view. Distance and proximity are translated into new forms. In the second part, Elo Masing's composition focuses on the relationship between touch and sound. The dancer's body acts as the interface of a haptic score and the musician's interpretation. The dancer switches between the different roles, which do not contradict each other, but rather relate to each other.

Dance Mariangela Tinelli Composition, bass clarinet, electronics Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson Composition Elo Masing