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MOQUECA / Audiowalk und Performance der Sinne von Po:era

Lucas Lacerda / Daniel Weyand /

Like food, that has the power to seduce us, we continue to incorporate the same stories about what is true and possible.

Centred around the Brazilian dish of the same name, the audio walk and sensorial performance Moqueca weaves together biographical and collective stories about life’s movements. Guided by headphones, the audience follows an interactive path through the city neighbourhood and towards the performer who invites them to take part in the ancient ritual of sharing food. Inspired by the Anthropophagic Movement in Brazil, the artistic duo Po:era explores the image of incorporating cultures, beliefs, and ideas – dominated by the storytelling of Christianity, capitalism, and modern progress. Told from the perspective of the performer, Lucas Lacerda, Moqueca reflects the moments when we move from the known to the unknown as well as the precondition that we sustain our lives by incorporating something that once, too, was alive and followed a path very different and yet connected to ours.

By and with Lucas Lacerda, Daniel Weyand

Po:era: founded by Lucas Lacerda 2019 in Berlin as an artistic collaboration.

Combining theatre, audio-visual and performance art, the actor and director Lucas Lacerda (Brazil) and the filmmaker and anthropologist Daniel Weyand (Germany) explore with Po:era interdisciplinary and transformative practices based on the idea of decolonizing the unconscious. In their work they seek to create spaces of reconnecting with our sensuous experience of the world. Their latest project Herzberge premieres in August 2021 - in cooperation with Museum Kesselhaus in Berlin-Lichtenberg.

Lucas Lacerda graduated in performing arts at the Federal University of Bahia. Since 2004, he has worked in over twenty theatre performances in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, collaborating with theatre companies such as Cia OmondÉ, Ateliê Voador and Coletivo Ponto Zero. In 2019 he started the artistic co-creation Po:era in Berlin.