LOUD & VENOMOUS / Marina Cyrino, ICNISP, Matthias Koole

Marina Cyrino / Matthias Koole / ICNISP /

Loud & Venomous is a live-performed audiovisual installation created by Marina Cyrino and performed by ICNISP. By playing with stereotypes, Loud & Venomous aims to contribute to dismantle the fetishisation of strangers that serves to reinforce Western agency and identity construction at the expense of strangers, who are regarded as preexisting objects rather than subjects of knowledge. Loud & Venomous plays with imaginaries of dangerous-loud-flamboyant animals/strangers/foreigners, addresses themes as otherness and difference, engages with Sara Ahmed’s work “Strange Encounters” and with the concept of “controlling images” as proposed by Patricia Hill Collins. The performance is, especially, a celebration of loud and venomous beings.

Concept, Composition, Audiovisual Installation Marina Cyrino Performance ICNISP - Institute for Certified Nomadic Illicit Sonic Practices Amplified hybrid flutes and objects Marina Cyrino Electric guitar and objects Matthias Koole

Funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe

Marina Cyrino is a Brazilian flutist and composer-performer currently living in Berlin. She works across the fields of improvisation, composition, instrument building, video and performance art. She holds a PhD in Music Performance and Interpretation from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. She is an artist fellow at Acker Stadt Palast within the framework of the the „Weltoffenes Berlin“ 2021 Program. https://marinacyrino.art.br/

ICNISP (Institute for Certified Sonic Nomadic Illicit Practices) is the Berlin-based duo of Brazilian musicians Marina Cyrino (flutes/audiovisual installations) and Matthias Koole (guitar/el.guitar). The duo has been bending guitar and flute towards a common hybrid terrain. To help them in this task, they choose – or are chosen by – a mixture of electronic and acoustic sound sources, objects and preparations, inside amplification, rapid changing guitar effects and rattling percussion. https://marinacyrino.art.br/ic...

Matthias Koole is a Brazilian guitarist whose practice navigates between improvisation and several forms of collaboration in written music and multidisciplinary projects. Groups include ICNISP – Institute for Certified Nomadic Illicit Sonic Practices with Marina Cyrino, the guitar duo Oh Mensch with Kobe Van Cauwenberghe, the experimental music trio Infinito Menos with Henrique Iwao and Mário Del Nunzio. Matthias is a member of the Brazilian experimental music label/production house Seminal Records, through which he organizes, in Belo Horizonte, with Henrique Iwao, the improvisation series QI – Quartas de Improviso. http://matthiaskoole.seminalrecords.org/

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