LLAFYKS REVERSE / FrauVonDa and Jan Burkhardt

FrauVonDa /

LLAFYKS REVERSE addresses the different aspects of TIME.

How do we perceive time? Through music, sound and movement, FrauVonDa and the dancer Jan Burkhardt approach different moments and sensations of time.

Currently, we are observing drastic shifts in the perception of time on different levels, on a personal as well as collective, on a private as well as professional level: forward and backward movement, spinning one's wheels and having to anticipate an undetermined future, slowing down and accelerating, simultaneity and the breaking apart of synchronised structures. We experience, more than ever, the compulsion to plan and to constantly re-plan, even in the shortest term. Time is seen as a factor to be used productively rather than as leisure; Time keeps us in constant motion.

The evening is created in collaboration with the audience, who have been asked in advance to submit contributions that create a collective sound-file, a multiple-voiced choir.

FrauVonDa are Claudia van Hasselt and Lotte Greschik. The Berlin music theatre collective has been exploring different forms of music theatre together with guests for several years. In the process, they develop their own format, which they call storytelling in music. More information www.frauvonda.de

By and with Claudia van Hasselt, Lotte Greschik, Jan Burkhardt Production FrauVonDa in cooperation with Ackerstadtpalast Berlin.