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With PETRAM, the Sonar Quartet bridges between composing and improvising. The musicians
courageously push their limits and strive for the highest level of quality and uniqueness of the new

To compose together as a quartet means a very immediate form of expression that the Sonar Quartet is searching for. You pick up your instrument, listen to sounds, express emotions, reflect, and leave things behind.

With the concert series EVOLUTION 2020/2021, the four musicians were already focusing on working as a composing string quartet. “Petram” (rock) is the title of a new series of works by the Sonar Quartet: There are four types of magma from which the rocks rhyolite, andesite, basalt and picrite are formed. The four new compositions for string quartet that will be presented in the concerts sound as different as the four types of stone. As an antithesis, two works by musicians who are also composing will be heard in the concerts.

With the concert series EVOLUTION 2020/2021, the four musicians are already placing their work as a composing string quartet at the center of their joint artistic exploration.

Sonar Quartet Susanne Zapf, Wojciech Garbowski (Violine), Nikolaus Schlierf (Viola) Konstantin Manaev (Violoncello)

Funded by Musikfonds

Since its founding in 2006, the Sonar Quartet has repeatedly explored the edges of classical music, creating utopias and improvising sound expressions whose reverberations already nourish the path to the next notated work. The four Berlin-based musicians see themselves as a composing string quartet that reaches far beyond supposed genre boundaries by also making use of their own bodies, electronic amplification and manipulation, or by transforming visual art works into sound. With the Sonar Quartet, new music goes beyond the audible and the visible; it becomes a tactile experience for the players and the listeners alike. The Sonar Quartet has already realized well over 100 world premieres of works, some of which they commissioned themselves.