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Electromigration of Echoes

Electromigration of Echoes
An audiovisual performative installation by Billy Roisz and Marta Zapparoli

This project is an investigation into the echoes of the inner ultrasound image of the human body and its rebound as sonic voices in the surrounding external environment. In the form of a vortex of dominant acoustic information, the body questions itself and dissolves into the surrounding space beneath a different sound form. The body is an electrical activity, which contains roughly a hundred billion electrically conductive, biological wires. With the use of a modified ultrasound machine, millions of pulses and echoes are sent and received each second. The probe can be moved along the surface of the body and angled to obtain various views of the organs. The echos of our body are converted into electrical energy for onward processing by the control circuit. By converting the processing of the machine from ultrasonic waves into electrical signal we will hear the resonant frequencies, the voices of our flesh. With the use of sensors microphones, we will voice the fluid blood and nervous system. We will orchestrate the body signals into sound. The vision of the image will become the bridge of the inside-out.

Billy Roisz lives and works in Vienna/Austria. Her ability to translate experimental music into visual memory images is particularly noteworthy, revealing borrowings from minimal art and conceptual art. She specializes in feedback video and video/sound interaction by using monitors, cameras, video mixingdesks, synchronators, computer, various electronics and a bass guitar for video and sound generating.
Her videoworks are distributed by sixpackfilm & lightcone. Her music was released a.o. on editionsMEGO, mikroton and for/wind. She was co-organizer/programmer of annual REHEAT Festival (2007-2015). As a performer Billy Roisz often plays solo, but she also likes collaborative work (current projects are TWIXT with dieb13, cilantro with Angélica Castelló, The Elks with Kai Fagaschinski, Liz Albee and Marta Zapparoli – a.o.).
Her works have been presented at numerous international festivals(a.o. Berlinale, IFF Rotterdam, Transmediale, Sonic Acts, Biennale Sao Paulo, 8 Brücken Festival Köln, Sonic Acts Amsterdam, Donaufestival Krems, LUFF, Rencontres Internationales Paris) and at renowned galleries and museums (a.o. Tate Modern, South London Gallery, Centre Pompidou, MACBA Barcelona, Museo Serralves Porto, Louvre).

Marta Zapparoli is an Italian experimental sound artist, improviser, performer, self-taught researcher active in sound art since 2003. In her work, there is a deep relationship between energies, electromagnetic, magnetic, radio waves, sensorial and matter, as well as the acoustical. She also employs a wide range of experimental techniques and equipment. She uses scientific and technological tools (including antennas, some of them self-built and detectors, radio receivers, SDR, sensor microphones) as a medium to develop her sound project, included tape recorders and reel-to-reel tape machine during live performances. In recent years her practice has been focused on self-made recordings of the electromagnetic spectrum coming from the atmosphere and the outer-space, as the primary material for her artistic investigation. She brings the invisible sonic web into a distinct aurality, transforming reality into new visions through compositions, live performances, and site-specific sound interventions.
Beside her solo project she has extensive duos and larger group collaborations including Pareidolia with (Liz Allbee), The Elks (Fagaschinski, Roisz, Allbee), Circuit Training V ensemble , (Vertigo Transport) with Burkhard Beins, duo with Billy Roisz , duo with Greta Christensen, Trio mit Martin Lorenz, Sebastian Hofmann. Since 2009 She is a member of Berlin’s 24-piece Splitter Orchester.
She has played with many regarded musicians and bands and performed worldwide in festivals such as Maerzmusik, Atonal, A’LARM, Fusion, Darmstädt, Sincussion,Heroines of sound,Eavesdrop (Germany), Huddersfield, Sonorities, Colour out of Space (UK), Borealis (Norway), Sonic Circuit , High Zero (US), Geiger (Sweden), Konfrontationen, ArtActs (Austria), Zwei Tage Strom, Earweare,(Switzerland), Crack, Meteo Mulhouse music Fest.(France), Alternativa (CZ) and many more. She released as solo on : Idiosyncratic rec, Zeromoon rec, , TMRW tape label, Glistening Examples rec. Collaborative releases on: Mikroton rec. NebulaRosa Rec, Spina rec, Gagarin Rec, Urban Art rec, Nohmand rec.

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