Marcellus Schiffer / Felix Joachimson / Mischa Spoliansky /

The musical folk theatre piece DAS HAUS DAZWISCHEN by the Jewish composer Mischa Spoliansky has never been performed again since its premiere almost 100 years ago, despite its explosive nature and the parallels between Berlin‘s housing shortage in the 1920s and its current situation. Although today's Berlin presents itself internationally as an alternative hotspot for art and culture, it is precisely places like clubs, bars and off-theatres that are threatened by displacement. That is why we are transferring the subject precisely to these artistic spheres of creation.

The libretto describes the watchmaker Knorr, who has been working and living for a long time in his craft workshop, in the house "in between", with his wife and children. Now the investors of the "City-Palast" built right next door want to buy up the property in order to expand their establishment and are doing everything they can to persuade the stubborn Knorr to sell. Manipulations on the part of the investors drive a wedge into Knorr's family, various entanglements, not least due to Knorr's stubbornness, drive the story to a surprising end. This play is more relevant than ever in its thematic scope and has social-cultural potential.

Some of the artists in the cast are co-founders of the Berlin collective for contemporary Opera/etta "tutti d*amore". The ensemble is playing together for the first time in its current formation.

Artistic director Anna Weber Production Manager Finja Messer Musical Director Henning Wölk Dramaturgy Ana Edroso Stroebe Stage Konrad Walkow Costume Mayan Tuulia Frank Assistant director Elisa Künast Assistant Equipment assistant Meike Onnen

With Ludwig Obst, Ferdinand Keller, Caroline Schnitzer, Gina May Walter, Jannecke Dupré, Ekaterina Bazhanova Saxophone/clarinet Viktor Wolf Accordion Franka Herwig Percussion Evi Filippou Double bass Marta Foley Piano Henning Wölk

Funded by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa and Bezirkskulturfonds Berlin Mitte With the kind support of Deutscher Bühnenverein, Landesverband Berlin Co-financed by crowdfunding via the platform Startnext.

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