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DARK RED / Tanzperformance von Clébio Oliveira mit Zula Lemes

Clébio Oliveira / Zula Lemes /

An interdisciplinary, post-pandemic solo: DARK RED, the new dance performance by Clébio Oliveira, is a continuation of the choreographer's exploration of the effects of the pandemic on our bodies and minds begun with "koerper.welle" (2021). What are the psychological consequences when, for pandemic reasons, farewell rituals are restricted or withheld from us and we cannot say goodbye?

From a South American perspective, DARK RED poetically explores states of withdrawal and longing due to the pandemic. What happens when we are deprived of the opportunity to say goodbye through mourning rituals? In choreographer Clébio Oliveira's solo performance, performer Zula Lemes seeks dialogue with the vulnerable and fragile body - and encounters a psychic anatomy of loss.

"Farewell rituals are generally symbolic acts that help us express our feelings in the face of loss. They are a healthy way to sort out our feelings, which are jumbled up at that moment. At the beginning of the pandemic, thousands of people were deprived of this moment." (Clébio Oliveira)

Concept, Choreography Clébio Oliveira Dance, creation Zula Lemos Dramaturgy Hannes RaphaelmComposition Music Matresanch Lighting design Mirella Brandi Lighting assistance Marcelo Schmittner Dazá Costumes Atelier Liyanova Migliorati Grafic design Markus Wagner Photos Tuca Paoli Production Elisa Calosi PR Yven Augustin

Supported by the District Culture Fund of Berlin Mitte and by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR. With the kind support of the Mitte District Office of Berlin, Department of Art, Culture and History