CERN – the particle accelerator / by TABULA RASA

Tabula Rasa /

Visually musical poem. Luminescent essay. Presented virtuality. Plus minus analog.

The pair of performers, in perfect symbiosis with the DJ and the lightdesigner, compose abstract compositions of objects, lights, projections, shapes, sounds, atmospheres and moods, which draw the viewer into the magical space-time of the analog imagination.

According to the TABULA RASA group, CERN is a system of interconnected objects - old and discarded reflectors, projection units, rotating mechanisms, lenses - that react to each other and communicate with each other. The system of relationships between individual environments, which examines in its performance, is based on combinations of the transformation of elements depending on physical elements, such as cold, heat, drought or humidity.

Performance Jan Brejcha, Mikoláš Zika Light Design Teres Bartůňková Sound Design Petr Slunečko Staging Braňo Mazúch Production Jan Tyl

Tabula Rasa Logo

A production by TABULA RASA

TABULA RASA association was established in 2019 as a logical outcome of the cooperation of creators who met on several different projects. The basis of this association consists of the creators Mikoláš Zika, Jeník Tyl, Jan Brejcha, who came from the departments of production and scenography of alternative and puppet works of the Prague DAMU.

At the heart of our work is respect for the craft. We work with different types of materials. Garbage, things that have not been used for a long time, to which we give a new meaning. The work of this association has a certain ecological - philosophical dimension. We take into account genre diversity and interdisciplinarity in our work.

By emphasizing the artistic component of our projects, we bring a new perspective on theatrical expression. We work as a certain laboratory, looking for new ways, directions and connections of individual artists in a unique synergistic shape.