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Music festivals focusing on solo improvisation are still scarce. Curator Volker Meitz has succeeded in establishing an annual forum for this special and intimate form of musical performance, which is already taking place for the fourth time. This year, for the first time, international musicians are also in the line-up.

In Berlin's Acker Stadt Palast, over three days, a total of 15 artists who are at home in very different musical universes can be experienced. In a city that is considered to be one of Europe's centers not only for experimental forms of music, Volker Meitz can draw from a wide range of sources. This year he took the next step and also invited national and international improvisers, such as cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm from the USA, trombonist Marie Bertel from Denmark and accordionist Zbiginew Chojnacki from Poland. John Eckhardt (bass), John-Dennis Renken (trumpet) and Enrico Sartori (clarinets) will travel from northern, western and southern Germany respectively. Each evening, three Berliners will meet one national and one international performer.

At the beginning of each evening there is an introductory panel discussion with the five musicians, after which they give solo performances of about 20 minutes each. The contrasting conclusion of each evening is the joint finale: here all five participants deliver a collective improvisation in which they must react to each other accordingly, while in the solo context they were still alone with themselves and the audience. Thus we get to know the musicians from different sides, which promises an evening that is as artistically valuable as it is entertaining.

The stylistic framework of the festival is broad: from echtzeitmusik/real-time music, jazz, new music and electronic music, the overlapping area of the invited musicians stretches, who play their instruments purely acoustically, through amplifiers or through chains of electronic effects - up to the instrumental statement "Samples & Feedback" with Nicolas Wiese. Between experimental noise and melodic harmonics, everything is possible here, integrated by the bracket of solo improvisation as the core concept of the festival.

The line-up promises excitement not least because it includes both experienced solo improvisers such as Andrea Parkins, as well as musicians who are presenting a complete solo performance for the first time - such as tenor saxophonist Philipp Gropper.

Start: 19:30 // Admission: 19:00h

Schedule: panel discussion / 5 solo performances each approx. 20 min. / joint finale


Tuesday 28.9.

IDO BUKELMAN - acoustic guitar, banjo

PHILIPP GROPPER - tenor saxophone

ANDREA PARKINS - amplified objects, electronics

JOHN ECKHARDT (Hamburg) - electric bass, electronics

MARIA BERTEL (DK) - amplified trombone

Wednesday 29.9.

MEINRAD KNEER - double bass

LIZ ALLBEE - trumpet, electronics

NICOLAS WIESE - Samples & Feedback

ENRICO SARTORI (Munich) - clarinets

ZBIGNIEW CHOJNACKI (PL) - accordion, electronics

Thursday 30.9.


JOHN-DENNIS RENKEN (Essen) - trumpet, electronics


JULIA REIDY - guitar, electronics

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