The 9 Muses have returned to earth in 2021. After their long journey, they have decided to land here and teach us humans the modern dance of the gods. They believe that this is the only way to restore harmony on planet Earth. But the Earth, has other plans....

Roni Rotem Dance Group developed this work as part of a residency at Acker Stadt Palast and the #share project.

Roni Rotem, choreographer and dance teacher, lives and works in Berlin and Tel Aviv. 2019 award winner for independent choreographers by the Israeli Ministry of Culture. She works regularly with international dancers, tours her work through Spain, Germany, Austria, France and Israel and is invited to festivals such as AGITART, 10 SENTIDOS, TANZINTENTS, CRAFT CHOREOGRAPHY, Biennal Clandestine, CCB tanz.

Janan Laubscher, born in Las Vegas, USA, she graduated from the international dance programme of Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel in 2016. Since 2019 she lives and works as an artist and freelance dancer in Berlin. Janan works continuously with choreographers such as Roni Rotem, Franka Marlene Foth in her collective FMKF and Ida Hørlyk.

Choreography, Performance
Roni Rotem and Janan Laubscher